What Do You Need to Succeed?


Lose Weight, Get Fit, Live Your Best Life

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We are all looking for an easy out, a way to get fit and healthy without having to work really hard.

Give that thought process up. You can toughen yourself up just by doing whatever it takes. Almost everything is within your control. This picture says it all. You don’t need the scams and spam, just a pair of shoes and a willingness to sweat

Do it all for you, and you will succeed

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How to Stick to Weight Loss Goals

https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/stick-weight-loss-goals-002500892.htmlLast fall, I had a frightening and eye-opening health scare. Never did I imagine that after a routine gynecological exam I would hear the words “you need surgery.” I was told I had cervical cancer and, thank goodness, we caught it early. I didn’t … How to Stick to Weight Loss Goals

Trying To Lose Weight? Stop Counting Calories, Says Study

http://www.techtimes.com/articles/221653/20180222/trying-to-lose-weight-stop-counting-calories-says-study.htmTrying to lose weight? Most people use food tracking apps to keep track of consumed calories every day. However, it’s better to stop counting calories, a new study has found. A group of researchers from Stanford University analyzed 609 adults who were … Trying To Lose Weight? Stop Counting Calories, Says Study