Treating acne: What ingredients could help your skin?

Treating acne: What ingredients could help your skin?

The UK spends almost £2bn a year on skin care products – and that figure is rising particularly when it comes to face creams, skin acids and products tempting us with promises of perfect glowing skin. And a large proportion of that spending is from people seeking creams and lotions for treating acne.

But for those with cystic acne and other medical skin conditions, can a cream ever really deliver on what it promises?

Beauty vlogger Kadeeja Khan has had acne since she was 11. She’s been speaking to experts to find out what to look for in the quest for better skin.

Filmed by Tony Joliffe

Produced and Edited by Sophie Van Brugen and Bryony MacKenzie

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One thought on “Treating acne: What ingredients could help your skin?

  1. Great article and video. I had problems with my skin during my teenage years and my adult life. I’m 31 now. I am so glad I am not alone with this problem. Like the woman in the video I tried several creams from the stores. I also tried different medicines from the doctor. Nothing worked for me. I am now using an over the counter soap that helps my skin.

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