Top 8 Skin Care Tips For Summer

Summer is the best time to enjoy every color and style of fashion but in the race to look gorgeous, we become a little reluctant in our skincare regime. The scorching heat of the sun in summer steals our skin beauty and makes it dull and dry. We need to be careful about our diet and drink in summer to keep skin young and lovely in summer.

Let’s have a look at this article tips which guides you to care for your lovely skin during summer.

How to Care for Skin During Summer

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is real savior of your skin during summer. Summer’s intense heat take away the moisture and glow of your skin so, its best to keep yourself hydrated with drinking atleast 8-10 glass of water a day. It would be better to keep a water bottle always with you when going out. Drinking water keeps skin moist and helps you to look young and glowing.

Apply Good Moisturiser

In summer we wash our skin and hands several times to avoid sun effects and environment dirt away. It would be best if you go for good moisturiser in summer, preferably water-based moisturizer which keeps your skin moist and glowing. Never forget good moisturiser in your summer skin care regime.

Summer Drinks

Please avoid aerated and soft drinks in summer. Go for healthy drinks like lime juice, coconut water, green mango drinks and other fresh fruit drinks, etc. which are not only good for your thirst but are healthy for your skin too. Fruit juice during summer keeps your skin young and glowing and also detoxifies your body.

Skin Cleansing

Skin cleansing is the best way to keep dirt and pollution away and clean your skin. Go for best skin lotion and face wash which is not harmful for your skin texture and keep your skin soft and healthy. Skin cleansing is important in skin care regime for summer.

Skin Toner

In summer your skin pores closes due to pollution and dirt, you need to use a good skin toner to keep your skin pores open to let skin breathe freely for its young look. Keep a good and natural skin toner and use at night before sleeping for 15-20 minutes to get clean and pores open skin.

Skin Exfoliating

Exfoliating skin during summer is a must for a beautiful and glowing skin. Exfoliating skin helps to get rid of dead and dull skin and improve circulation of blood in the skin. Go for best skincare scrubs or exfoliating material in the market which suits best for your skin type. Never forget to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times in summer.

Never Forget Sunscreen Lotions

Good sunscreen lotion is must have item in your beauty kit. Sunscreen protects your skin during summer and also keeps your skin moisturized and glowing too. Its important to apply 30 minutes before you go out in sun. Take care while choosing best sunscreen and choose it according to your skin type.

Modify Your Lifestyle

Good lifestyle is important to have a beautiful and glowing skin in summer. Good diet, drinks, exercise, and yoga are essential parts of good skincare. One needs to be stress free and have a healthy and active lifestyle in summer which in turns helps you to keep good skin in summer.

These are some of the essential tips for skin care one needs to keep in mind while going out in summer. Following above skin care regime in summer will help to keep your skin protected and glowing in summer.



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