Top 10 Reasons to Drink Red Wine

Reasons to Drink Red Wine
A glass of full-bodied red wine

Not that many of us need one, but here are 10 great reasons to drink red wine.

Have you always considered yourself a white wine drinker? Maybe you only like the sparkling wine with bubbles? But have you ever given the red wine the real chance it deserves? If you haven’t, we have the top 10 reasons you should give red wine a chance!

What exactly is red wine?

You’ve seen the grape stomping and wine vineyards on television and movies, but do you really know how red wine is made? The coloring of any type of wine is created by the skins of the grape used. Red wine is made from the darkest colored grapes in the vineyards. The color variation of the red wines on shelves comes from how long the skins are left in the mixture during the winemaking process and fermentation. You may find a red wine that looks almost blackish in color all the way to bright red in color. The color is also determined by the maturity of the wine – darker colors are older wines and more purple colors are younger wines.

Some red wine grapes are used to make white wines. And you may find that some other types of wine such a Rose are created by mixing red and white wine together.

  1. Drinking red wine is better than not drinking it at all!

Some non-wine drinkers (people who clearly aren’t experiencing the real joys of life) believe that drinking wine is simply not good for their bodies. Whether this is a personal decision or a belief that alcohol is damaging to the body, it is absolutely not true in the case of red wine! In fact, studies have shown that the antioxidants found in red wine are great for the body. When you expose your body to these antioxidants, you give yourself protection against diseases such as type 2 diabetes and even death! This sounds like a win-win for everyone.

  1. Want the best red wine for your body? Try a younger version.

In the case of wine, many people believe that the older the wine is the better it tastes. You’ve most likely heard that the longer the wine stays in the bottle the better it is. But, when it comes to red wine, you may be surprised to know that younger red wine is actually better for you than old red wine! Why is this? Younger red wines contain higher levels of tannin (a naturally occurring element that gives the wine a dry taste). Look for darker red wines as they are typically ones with higher tannin levels.

  1. Red wines contain fewer sulfites than white wines.

Some people believe that sulfur is known for causing those icky red wine headaches that creep up on you the next day. However, this is not true. Those who suffer from sulfur sensitivity usually have other conditions like asthma. Red wines contain fewer sulfite levels, which makes them less likely to degrade quickly.

  1. Red wines do not have flavor additives!

If you are concerned about all of the extra additives that come in foods and drinks these days, consider yourself additive free when you choose a red wine! In fact, all of those beautiful and delicious flavors and aromas that come from red wine are natural. These aromas are simply derived from the fermented grapes and the oak barrels the wine is aged in during the winemaking process. There are absolutely no flavor additives. Consider this one of your healthier drink choices.

  1. Red wine can boost your brain.

You may not be aware that red wine can actually boost your brain power, but it is true. Red wine contains something called resveratrol, a compound that has been linked to keeping your memory sharp. Drink some red wine, grab a crossword puzzle, and put your brain to work. This could literally be a lifesaver in the future.

  1. Keep your blood sugar from skyrocketing.

While some red wines are known for being sweet, red wine is also known for keeping blood sugars under control. What part of the wine actually helps control your blood sugar? The skin of the red grapes is actually the reason that many diabetics find relief in regulating their blood sugar. Because the skin of the red grapes contains resveratrol (a natural compound that helps regulate blood sugar and boost brain power as noted in number 5), your body gets the help it needs in regulating blood sugar levels.

  1. Red wine does not affect your waistline like beer does.

Going out for a night on the town may leave you cringing when you realize how much alcohol you actually drank. Why? Because some people equate alcohol with weight gain. Luckily, red wine will not affect your waistline! Studies have shown that women who drink one drink per day actually carried about 10 pounds less than women who didn’t drink red wine at all. Instead of depriving yourself of sweetness while on a diet, allow yourself one glass of red wine per day! This will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the added health benefits, too.

  1. Swirling your wine will release the aromas.

Have you ever wondered why people swirl their red wine glasses before they drink it? This is actually for a very good reason. When a person swirls their red wine glass, they are allowing the aromas to be released from the wine itself.

Reasons to Drink Red Wine

  1. It reduces your stress levels.

Anything that reduces your stress levels is a winner, right? Red wine has actually be proven to reduce stress levels, according to studies. Resveratrol (also known for keeping your brain healthy and your blood sugar low) is great for lowering stress and anxiety levels. This naturally occurring compound comes from the skin of the red grape that red wine is made of. Go ahead and reward yourself with a glass of red wine at dinner each night and watch your stress levels decrease.

  1. Improve your sleep quality with red wine.

As if red wine didn’t already have enough amazing benefits, it can also help improve your sleep quality. Red wine contains melatonin, a compound that is known for helping increase sleep quality to allow for longer and more restful nights of sleep. The melatonin comes from the grapes that red wine is made from as well. It is not recommended to drink a glass directly before bed, but drinking a glass a few hours before you lay down may help give you the restfulness you’ve been needing.


Red wine is a tasty treat that many people equate to special occasions or events. However, we just have you 10 reasons to enjoy a nice glass of red wine every night. With the amazing health benefits and incredible tasting experiences, red wine is sure to bring a smile to your face for many reasons. As always, keep your wine consumption to a reasonable amount and allow your body to fully enjoy the benefits of this natural medicine and healer.

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