The Most Potent Food Source of Vitamin C on the Planet

Potent Food Source of Vitamin C

By now, you have certainly heard about the power of vitamin C and the benefits it can have on your health. This is a common staple for health enthusiasts, especially during months when the immune system is challenged, such as transition from summer to fall, fall to winter, and winter to spring.

There certainly are many ways you can get vitamin C these days, such as whole food sources, supplementation, and even intravenous injections. Of course, just like any addition to your daily habits, potency and sustainability are paramount. A weak source of vitamin C, or making it inconvenient to get, will not help accelerate your health goals.

But what if you could easily obtain the most concentrated source of whole food vitamin C in the world, and easily add it to your routine on a daily basis, so you can supercharge your health?

Welcome to the promised land of camu camu.

Camu camu is a berry grown deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforests of South America, and is so packed with nutrients that is has been called a “powerfruit” with amazing healing capabilities. This is not a label that was leveraged on this humble little berry lightly — in a 100 gram serving, camu camu has been shown to have up to 7.5 grams of vitamin C, an unprecedented 7.5 percent of it’s weight! For comparison purposes, it provides 60 times more vitamin C than an orange on an ounce by ounce basis.

Since vitamin C is considered one of the mostpowerful antioxidants, and camu camu is considered one of the most powerful whole food sources of vitamin C, you can imagine the free radical scavenging effects of this incredible powerfruit, and how that can positively affect your health!

The rich antioxidant value of camu camu, as well as its array of vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals, is what drives the majority of its health benefits. Here is a short list of the health benefits associated with camu camu:

Sounds amazing, right? It really is, and most people will feel the impact of this vitamin C powerhouse within minutes of ingestion. This makes it a powerful ally in seasons that make one more prone to sickness and fatigue.You can see an even fuller list of camu camu benefits, here.

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