How Long Does It Take to Remove Toxins from Your Body?

remove toxins from your body

Many people wonder how long it takes to remove toxins from your body. The answer will in part depend on what methods of detoxification you are using and which toxins you are trying to remove, but you can see results quite quickly in many cases.

A Water Detox

Some people will drink a lot of water (or lemon water) and not eat solid food, in order to get rid of toxins. This can work over a period of one to three days, but it can be a shock to the system.

A Juice Detox

Some people do a juice detox and fast over a period of up to two weeks, in which they drink a range of organic or homemade juices in an effort to flush toxins out of the body. While this will be more nutritious than a water detox, drinking only the juice will make you miss out on all the wonderful fiber contained in fruits and vegetables, which can help cleanse the colon and combat constipation.

The main issue with both of these methods is a lack of protein in the diet, which can actually cause a lot of stress on the liver and impair its ability to detoxify itself.

An Olive Oil Liver Flush

This involves consuming olive oil with various other substances such as grapefruit juice in order to supposedly get rid of liver and gallstones. The lumps found are actually the olive oil that has been consumed being rendered into soap. A better solution for liver health is the supplement milk thistle.

See the source imageExposure to Toxins

You are constantly exposed to toxins, which is worse if you live near heavy pollution, pesticide spraying, eat poor quality food, drink unfiltered water, or live in a moldy house. Your body also produces toxic trash metabolites that must be cleared. This is worse if you have digestive problems, sinus problems, are under high stress, are fighting a bug, are recovering from surgery or an accident, do not sleep enough, or physically wear yourself out (including exercise).

Systems for Natural Detox in the Body

Your body should naturally detoxify itself. In fact, it has four systems for doing so:

  • The disposal of cellular waste products, especially lactic acid, through the bloodstream and the skin
  • The removal of larger waste products through your lymphatic system, which sends them to your liver
  • The removal of toxins through your liver, via the bile duct, digestive tract and kidneys. They are then eliminated as urine
  • The final clearance of solid waste products by your digestive tract, through the intestines and out the anus

You might decide to do a whole-body detox or target one particular area such as your liver. Your liver can get a lot of abuse if you drink alcohol or eat a lot of sweets. The liver metabolizes the calories from the food we eat, so if you feel fatigued all the time, consider paying more attention to your liver.

Detoxing Timetable

Detoxing is a little bit different for everyone, but in general, the first couple of days will be very tiring. You might have a headache or feel as if you have the flu. You might notice digestive symptoms or a lot of mucus from your sinuses.

But after the first few days, you will notice positive changes, such as the liver, kidneys, and digestive system starting to work better and the aches and pains starting to go away. You might even notice more mental clarity and focus. Best of all, many unhealthy cravings you may have for food, cigarettes or alcohol will usually start to disappear, leaving you in more control of your own health.