Early Intervention Is Key to Recovery from Addiction


There are many signs that a problem is brewing before a severe full-blown addiction takes over a person. It starts with occasional use and then, due to increased tolerance, builds up until the person needs much bigger amounts of a drug to receive the same feeling they got the first time.

Eventually, they’re only using the drug to stave off withdrawal symptoms, which can be very disturbing and even life-threatening if not handled properly. Due to these facts, early intervention is the key to recovery.

Stops Problems before They Worsen

With early intervention, a patient can get through the addiction before they are using so much of the drug that they’re putting their life at risk. The problem is that early intervention relies on proper screening by medical professionals and knowledge of what the signs of addiction are by family and friends. Because people don’t really know these signs, only around one out of every ten addicts get any form of treatment.

You Don’t Need to Hit “Rock Bottom”

The truth is, no one needs to hit “rock bottom” and lose everything before they’re ready to get treatment. In fact, catching an addiction in time is much more effective and preferable than letting someone ruin their life. Plus, it’s not even necessary. Instead, friends, family, and professionals can encourage healthy behavior by not enabling the addict to continue – well before the victim of addiction reaches anything that would be deemed rock bottom.

Lessens Stress


Often, one problem when there is an addict in the family (or a friend), is that everyone is so stressed out and often walking on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not only that, friends and family often make decisions that make matters worse because they’re not educated in addiction and treatment. Once they seek an early intervention method, they finally feel like they have hope again which lessens their stress tremendously.

Easier to Recover

Addiction always grows worse over time if left untreated. The main reason is that the nature of the addiction is that it always takes more of the substance or activity to give the user the same high or thrill that they were getting from it when they first started. Many addicts end up doing nothing more than the drug, often involving criminal activities to get hold of it. If caught earlier, before the addiction is at this point, it enables the patient to overcome withdrawal faster since their need is lower.

Can Go to Better Treatment Facilities

There are fewer facilities able to care for people who have truly hit rock bottom. These people are often so out of control that no one can get them into a facility without putting them in jail first. But with early intervention, a victim of addiction can make a smart decision on their own to overcome their addiction with the help being offered. When friends and family intervene and then offer to help them with their recovery, most people at the earlier stages are keener to hear about what can be done because their brain hasn’t yet been as destroyed and clouded by their addiction.

Early intervention is a great way to help someone with an addiction. There are many ways that someone early into their addiction can get help, including outpatient treatment, while someone who is deeper into their addiction is more likely to need inpatient care and beds can be hard to come by.

Remember…Addiction isn’t just about drugs!

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